Контроллер управления Maturo Controller NEW CONTROL DEVICE NCD

Артикул: NCD

For the operation of up to 8 devices with multiple axis of motion.
With touch panel, function keys, various interfaces and much more!

Data interface IEEE 488.2 Bus or others
Device interface Fibre optic cable (up to 2000 m distance)
Tranfer Rate Real time 100 Mbit/s

The Multiple Controller NCD is suited for the operation of up to 8 devices with multiple axis of motion. Those devices can be any combinations of antenna masts, turntables, cable guide rails or any other positioning equipment.

This controller NCD permits the operation in manual, semi-automatic and remote control mode via IEEE 488.2 (GPIB bus), or optionally other interfaces, of multiple devices simultaneously.

The multiple control device NCD works with EMC software from Rohde & Schwarz, Teseq, NEXIO, Toyo, TDK, DARE!! etc. The IEEE 488 (GPIB) is available as a standard interface device. Other interfaces available on request.

  • -  User-friendly, time-saving function keys
    The function keys F1 to F10 allows the implementation of individual, customer- specific sequence programs for user-friendly, times-saving handling and operation. The individual programs can be stored and accessed by one function key.

  • -  Error analysis based on error codes
    Diagnosis via USB interface possible
    Optional analysis via internet and Ethernet interface possible

  • -  USB interface
    Updates easily implemented by USB stick
    Possibility to plug in a computer mouse and keyboard

  • -  Easy operation with touch panel
    Fast and reliable operability based on touch panel technology
    Layout of touch screen display can easily be adjusted according t
    o customers’ request

  • -  Position keys
    With the position keys Up/DOWN, CW/CCW and VER/HOR the positioners can easily be moved in manual mode.

  • -  Real-time capable
    Each program cycle will finished in the default time frame be no matter how many devices are controlled at the same time. Due to this feature no overflow of commands can happen when using fast remote computers.

  • -  Handheld control unit
    Easy implementation of standard or customer-specific handheld control units possible

  • -  Precise Display Accuracy
    The display resolution is highly precise with position readout increments of 1 mm respectively 0.1 degree.
    Higher resolutions possible upon request. 


ООО «Мастер-Тул» – инженерно - консалтинговая фирма, выполняющая комплексные поставки измерительной аппаратуры и технологического оборудования с 1997 года.


ООО "Мастер-Тул" является официальным дистрибьютором ведущих производителей : Tektronix, Treston, ETS-Lindgren, Maturo, Soliani emc.


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